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What Is the Real Story of Everybody’s Life and Business?

We all struggle at certain points in our lives and businesses for many different reasons, such as a lack of vision, fulfillment, experience, happiness, money, desire, love, determination, discipline, persistence, skills, risk analysis, positivity, and many other factors.

The bad thing about struggles is that they are painful, especially while we are going through them. The good thing about struggles is that the learning experience is priceless; when we fail, we learn 10 times more than when we succeed, because failure’s lessons are unforgettable.

Sometimes learning is a very painful, boring, and inefficient experience. We struggle until we find the right mentors, right book, right partner, or right technical guy for our business or the right fitness tip to lose the next 5 kilograms. I struggled a lot to find what to learn, how to learn it, and where to learn it, and that of course can take precious time, money, and effort. That’s why I created Be Efficient Tv; I don’t want people to struggle like I did to find their right path and purpose or to learn. Be Efficient Tv teaches you to learn efficiently, so you can excel at what you do, boosting your results and outcomes.

Be Efficient Tv offers tips and tricks from leading experts to help you make your life and business more efficient. You will discover strategies that you can implement easily into your everyday life to help you save time and make the most of the time that you have. Experts from a variety of backgrounds and industries are interviewed regularly to reveal their personal secrets for being more productive.

Whether you are interested in learning more about what it takes to start your own business or you simply want to be more productive in your daily affairs, the experts interviewed on Be Efficient Tv can help you to be more effective, well-organized, and proficient.

What Is My Story?

My name is Ahmed Al Kiremli. I’m a serial entrepreneur, business advisor, and efficiency expert. I have founded many different businesses, such as IRAQI TOUCH, GAMES CORNER, CLIMB AND SLIDE, BEST MOVIE RATINGS, Plan Design Market, AhmedAlKiremli.com, and Be Efficient Tv. I have also failed in many other ventures and, of course, received great feedback from those failures and learned a lot from them. I have also worked as an employee for many different companies and sectors, such as retail, building materials, stationery, cladding materials, computer hardware and software, and DVDs and movies. In these sectors, I was focused mainly in sales, business development, and management.

free entreprenuer- Ahmed Al Kiremli

I like to build businesses that are automated and work without me through a franchise concept, chain concept, or delegation concept, so I can focus more on enjoying life and doing what I love. This way I can work when I love to work, not because I must work, and that enables me to focus on adding value to this world. I think and care a lot about my credibility and legacy; that’s why I took this path of spreading knowledge. I want to add as much value as possible to the world and leave behind me something to be remembered for when I die.

I used to hate learning and books, because I didn’t know my purpose or where I was heading. Nobody guided me in the right direction, so I didn’t understand the power of learning. I also hadn’t discovered the right efficiency tools for learning to make it an easy and exciting experience. Then I started attending some seminars and learning through some courses, mentors, and reading around two books per year. Now I listen to two audiobooks per week through Audible; audiobooks are an effective efficiency tool for learning. After I started reading and listening to books, one day my father came to me and told me, “I’m impressed, Ahmed, from what I’m seeing now, as I remember that before you have never even read a story about Mickey Mouse in your life.”

When I discovered this efficient path of knowledge and learning, it changed my life completely. Right before discovering that path, I had a B.A. degree in science and MBA. If I had the car from “Back to the Future” and could go back in time, I would not earn either of those degrees. This path of knowledge and learning that I’m talking about now is different. I think all of us learn from different resources and through different techniques, but I believe the point is to learn more efficiently. The mission of Be Efficient Tv is to help you learn more efficiently from world-class experts and mentors.

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Some argue with me that the concept of Be Efficient Tv will depend on me as host, as I have to be there to run the show, and that’s against my philosophy of automation. Well that’s true to a certain extent, but I made this show because I love meeting and learning from other people. I always hang out with different experts. However, conducting interviews via Skype is more efficient for my learning and also lets other people in the world learn with me at the same time. Plus, it’s giving me faster and easier access to experts, as it’s easier to conduct interviews via Skype than meeting in person, especially when the experts live in a different country. I believe that Be Efficient Tv is a very efficient way of learning, plus I love to meet people, learn from them, and spread this knowledge to the world. By doing this show, I’m focusing on doing what I love and am not forced to do it — I love knowledge and learning. And again, I’m working because I want to work, not because I have to work.

I’m also writing a book called the “Transition from Employee to Efficient Entrepreneur.” I’m also enjoying life. I love going to the cinema and watching movies; a couple of years ago, I started rating and critiquing movies and founded the Best Movie Ratings app. I also play squash three to four times a week (I used to be the No. 1 Iraqi squash player for more than seven years and played for the Iraqi national team for more than nine years). I love to discover new places and travel, and I love food and discovering new restaurants.

Do More With Less - Ahmed Al Kiremli

What’s Efficiency?

Efficiency = Less Time, Effort, and Cost to achieve a certain Goal, Task or Outcome.

Why Do We Need to Be Efficient?

Efficiency = Happier and Less Stressful Life
Efficiency = Faster and Bigger Success
Efficiency = Bigger Achievements with Less Time
Efficiency = More Value with Less Effort
Efficiency = Higher Fulfillment Level
Efficiency = Less Risk and Better Outcome

Efficiency with Ahmed Al Kiremi

What’s Be Efficient Tv’s Mission?

To Boost the Efficiency of your Life and Business with Tips and Tricks from Leading Experts.

What’s Be Efficient Tv’s Goal in Terms of Interviewing Experts?

Experts usually have been interviewed in many different places on TV, Web TV shows, blogs, newspapers, radio, podcasts, and others. Our goal is to provide the best quality content out of the interview for that specific expert.

Do it with less effort and time - Ahmed Al Kiremli

How Is Be Efficient Tv Going to Achieve Its Mission?

By interviewing life and business experts from different fields to teach the audience of Be Efficient Tv and the world different tips and tricks through detailed interviews, courses, presentations, and classes to boost our daily lives and business experience and allow us to achieve a bigger outcome and results with less time, effort, and cost.

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What Are the Types and Level of Experts on Be Efficient Tv?

• The world’s top visionaries, thoughtful leaders, mentors, thinkers, business experts, advisors, and consultants.
• Billionaires and millionaires.
• Founders and CEOs for different companies and startups.
• Authors/book editors/agents / publishers.
• Investors, angel investors, VCs, and private equity experts.
• Marketing strategists, technology evangelists, bloggers, developers, and Internet marketing experts.
• Efficiency and productivity experts.
• Successful entrepreneurs, so we can learn from their success stories and failures.
• High-level executives in big companies, so we can learn from their career paths and experiences in their sectors or departments.
• Top Athletes, Olympians, and Paralympians.
• Health and fitness experts.
• Mindset and wellbeing experts.


For Whom Is Be Efficient Tv?

Entrepreneurs, Wantrepreneurs and Efficientpreneurs

•People who want to improve their life and business and make them more efficient through learning.
• Entrepreneurs who want to be more efficient and excel in their journey.
• People who want to be happy and fulfilled by finding their real purpose and acting on it to achieve their vision and add value to the world.
• Entrepreneurs who want to automate their business.
• People who want to use innovative hacks to automate their life and business and make them more efficient.
• Different types of businesses and startups.
• Employees who want to transition from the employment life to the entrepreneurial life.
• Employees who want to be entrepreneurs without creating a job with a larger time commitment.
• Employees who want to have a more efficient career path.
• People who want to add value to the world and leave this world with a great legacy.


More with less with Ahmed Al Kiremli

Why Is Be Efficient Tv Different?

Because our interviews, presentations, and classes are very detailed and designed to be to the point. We ask our guests very detailed questions after thoroughly researching them and what the audience really wants.

We are not on the Internet to interview only tech-related business people. We are here to add value to all sectors of business, whether they’re online or offline.

We also are not like other TV shows on the Internet that are trying to polish their guests and show how great they are. Our mission is to ask the right questions directly and get honest answers from experts to add the maximum amount of value to our audience and the world.

How Long Is Each Interview or Class of Be Efficient Tv?

The interviews will take from 50 to 80 minutes and average 60 to 70 minutes.

The classes and presentations vary based on their nature.

Where Can I Read the full Bio of Ahmed Al Kiremli the Founder of Be Efficient Tv?

Please click here.

Acheive more with less - Ahmed Al Kiremli

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